Streamlined logistics services

In everything we do at TTD, the customer is central. We have organised the handling, storage and pre- and post-transport of containers in such a way that you, the customer, are always optimally served.

Inland vessel at the TTD quay

Container handling

At our 155-metre quay, we always handle visiting barges quickly and efficiently with our own bridge crane. Thanks to our rail connection, we can also serve trains optimally at all times.  

Container stack

Temporary storage

Our terminal offers ample space for the temporary storage of empty and full containers. On demand, we deliver and pick up containers from neighbouring distribution centres or deliver them to any location required by the customer.

Truck in motion on the highway

Pre- and post-transport

TTD is optimally accessible by water, rail and road. The terminal's location on the edge of the Ruhr region allows virtually traffic jam-free pre- and post-transport by truck.

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Aerial view of the terminal